Victorious Living (Part 2)

In my last blog I said struggling Christians fit into either one or both of two categories that are characterize by the prodigal father’s two sons. I also said that both wanted to please the father. It is easy to see how that is true in the case of the elder son but it is not so easy to see how that applies to the younger son. This is because of the outer behavior of the two sons. The elder son’s behavior seemed to be in line with the father’s will for his life, while the younger son’s behavior was clearly out of line with the father’s will for his life. However, the story reveals that both sons behavior was out of line with the father’s will. Some might disagree because they believe the elder son’s behavior was correct until he became mad with the father’s decision to restore his younger brother to full son-ship after wasting his share of the inheritance. Some might even feel that the elder son had good cause to be upset with the father because it was unfair to allow the younger son to enjoy the inheritance that the elder son worked so hard to protect and preserve. If this were true, I would feel the same way, but such was not the case. Let me explain why I say this.
The first thing I want to establish is this: Although the two sons had very different outer behavior they had the same erroneous inner beliefs about the father’s character. They both believed that the father was very strict and unforgiving when it came to obeying His rules. They both believed it was hard to please the father because He was so strict and unforgiving. As a result, they both believed they had to find the happiness, peace, and fulfillment they desired apart from the father. Before I go any further in my discussion on this I want to hear your thoughts on what I have said about the two sons erroneous inner beliefs concerning their father’s character. Also, invite your friends to join in this weekly discussion on the important topic of: Victorious Living.

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